Intel: "Reinventing Computing 'with Ultrabooks and x86 Tablets

Intel's CPO (Chief Product Officer) Dadi Perlmutter has opened this year's Developer Forum with a keynote entitled "Reinventing Computing". The apparent trend towards mobile devices, according to Perlmutter requires not only more energy-efficient processors, thus achieving long battery life, mobile devices, but also powerful servers in data centers, the mobile devices - legwork - from smartphones to the Internet of Things. Of course, he looks well placed for Intel, but the product portfolio ranges from small Atom Z2460 smartphone to server-processor Xeon Phi.

In general, he sees the trend towards mobile computing just beginning. The Ultrabooks play an important role, because they are supposed to fill the gap between tablet on one side and conventional laptop computer on the other. The concepts presented here and appliances were not new: Lenovo's Yoga notebook for example, was already demonstrated at CES in January, many others at Computex in June, or the recently concluded IFA.

Perlmutter did not specifically addresses the needs for future ultrabooks, but demonstrated the - mandatory with Haswell - Voice control for Ultrabooks. Nuance Dragon Assistant can pass queries, posting messages on Twitter or Facebook, and control music playback. A beta of Dragon Assistant should be completed in the fourth quarter, the final product Perlmutter introduced for the first quarter of 2013 in view. In addition to Ultrabooks can also be controlled with gestures, which Perlmutter vorf├╝hrte the audience with a 3D webcam from Creative. The latter is strongly reminiscent of Microsoft's Kinect.

In addition, NFC are moving into Ultrabooks, which will allow some in conjunction with PayPass MasterCard's comfortable and secure Internet payments by credit card simply on the notebook sets, while walking in a shop at the virtual checkout. Perlmutter picked it out increased security because the background Intel IPT (Identity Protection Technology) cares for secure authentication of laptop and credit card over MasterCard's servers - without the traders have to change much on the payment process of their online shops.

Even with the tablet itself looks Intel is well positioned because soon stands at Clover Trail, the offshoot of the better tablet smartphone Atom processor Z2460 (Medfield). This means that (unlike Tablets with Core i processors) just as thin as possible without fans tablets with ARM processors, but unlike Windows RT it runs a full Windows 8 and therefore any x86 application. Performance miracles can be expected of course, and the demo tablets were found in Perlmutter's remarks still a bit square.

Perlmutter then gave an outlook for the coming generation Haswell processor and read the graphics benchmark Unigine run both on a current Ultrabook with Ivy Bridge processor as well as a reference system with Haswell processor. While the graphics stuttered at Ivy Bridge, it ran smoothly on Haswell - tessellation, however, was off on both systems. Conversely, should Haswell provide the same graphics performance as Ivy Bridge at much lower power consumption, which Perlmutter demonstrated also: Now stuttered image the same on both systems, but the Haswell system took it on only eight watts, while the Ivy Bridge processor full its 17 Watt TDP swallowed.

Finally gave Perlmutter also claims that PCs stuck into more and more, even where you do not expect it. Behind him like a vending machine was rolled onto the stage, which was equipped with a Core i7 and a 46-inch touchscreen. Perlmutter drew not only a drink, but then could also be photographed from the machine and send it through e-mail. The machine had no concept of the way, but is sold in South America.

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