Create banners for blogs

 I want to present two options to create banners for your blog, are two sites that definitely get you out of trouble in many situations, and also work very professional, besides being free, and very easy to use.

2 sites to create banners for blogs:


It's my favorite. We can choose the measures of the banners, background colors, change the text, give effects, etc.. We can also add images in the banners, buttons, clipart, rotate objects, give effects, animations, add videos, slide switch, etc.. The banners are designed in flash, so we can give you a URL to each object, along with other actions, etc.

It is certainly a very complete tool that certainly many bails out when creating flash banners of all kinds.

Banner Maker:

This is the alternative to create free online banners. No tool is as complete as the previous one, but we can say it has its very useful, allowing us to select different banner sizes, choose background colors, change various texts, images, etc.. The bad thing about this tool is that it adds a watermark to each banner that says "Made with".

But it is also a great application to create online banners, which will also help us when we need it much.

Do you know any other site to create banners for blogs?

If you know any other tool to create banners online, you can leave a comment below this article to work with the next users who reach this site. And if you liked this article, please share it in the various markers and social networks, and you'll be helping to pass these tools to find thousands more.

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