Skydrive gets Trash

Users of Microsoft's online storage service Skydrive can again recover deleted files: Microsoft has donated the Skydrive a wastebasket. Hitherto kept the online store only older versions of Office documents in his memory. Over the trash can now delete all the file types undone.

When a file is deleted, no prompt appears more. Instead, after deleting a confirmation appears with a button to restore the data. The deleted files to the trash and remain there at least three days. Occupied the trash ten percent of the available memory, Skydrive will automatically begin deleting the oldest files, provided that there are already more than three days. No later than thirty days after files disappear even from the recycle bin if it is less than ten percent of the capacity of Skydrives.

In the trash can mark files as usual Windows and permanently delete or restore to their original location. Furthermore, Microsoft announced in a blog entry to the function to perform on Skydrive Excel polls. When the user of Skydrive can use the new feature, Microsoft has not yet announced.

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