The Wii U will be released in Japan on December 8

The new Nintendo Wii U console will go on sale in Japan on December 8 at a price, in its basic version, about 260 euros, confirmed Thursday the Japanese manufacturer's president, Satoru Iwata.
In one of his regular and virtual presentations, Iwata explained that the Wii U, twenty times more powerful than its predecessor, the popular Wii, will go on sale in Japan in two models, a basic one in white and 8 gigabytes of memory, and another 'premium' in black and with 32 gigs at a price of about 313 euros.
The two packages submitted by Iwata will have a Wii U, a Wii U controller GamePad, a pointer to control the touch screen, supports for load control and HDMI cable included, detailed the company, which plans to make presentations today in other cities worldwide, including New York.
On 8 December, the console will be released from the hand of his trusty flag image, the plumber Mario, who will star in a new adventure under the title Super Mario Bros U, a game that will cost about 59 euros.
It will also output in Nintendo Land (about 49 euros), a virtual theme park to begin in the controls and the possibility for "U" and mini-games involving some of the usual Nintendo characters such as Luigi, Link (The Legend of Zelda) or Donkey Kong, among others.
In addition, Nintendo president explained that the new console will be compatible with many accessories and games from its predecessor, the Wii, a model which has sold over 96 million units worldwide.
The Wii U, Nintendo's big bet for gaming desktop, with the ability to play HD graphics and a resolution in 1080, although its great revolution provide his command, equipped with a 6.2 inch screen enrich the player's experience.
The Wii U controller GamePad will be very similar to a tablet, touchscreen which can handle with a built-pointer and including gyroscope and accelerometer, camera and microphone, apart from the usual buttons and two "sticks".
Like its predecessor, Wii U can connect to the Internet to access the MiiVerse universe, in which a user's avatar can find multiplayer options and allow "you can play with everybody being alone," explained Iwata.
He added that the console will be "very green" by having an average consumption of 40 watts and 75 watts at the highest level, while allowing the remote play without using television, said the president of Nintendo.

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