Apple wants more money from Samsung

During the 1-billion-dollar judgment against Samsung in U.S. patent dispute with Apple is still discussed hot and will probably be re-examined in parts must raise Apple's lawyers new demands: How the Patent Blog Fosspatents reported like Apple's rivals to payment of additional 706 million U.S. dollars, will see a total $ 1,756,121,384 committed. The new claims are made up of very different items:

135 million U.S. dollars Apple is appropriate as punishment for the intentional injuring of patents. U.S. law provides that for this fact, the resulting loss amount is tripled. For the affected five smartphones and two tablets Apple chooses a loss of 67,880,583 U.S. dollars as the basis.
400 million U.S. dollars Apple also calls related to intent and with reference to the "Lanham Act". If you add both items to come together as a $ 535 million penalty. The date fixed by the jury measures the total damages, and not the punishment.
121 million U.S. dollars Apple case for the period from 30 June, the jury its decision based on cut-off date and a hypothetical end of the process on 31.12.2012.
Another 50 million dollars to fall in interest ("prejudgement interest").
But also so that the end has not been reached: In the event that the court grant the request by Samsung to re-examine the amount of loss, Apple would have tested a few new items. The outcome will be another 155 million U.S. dollars. Then, the bottom line could even 1.9 billion stand.

According to rumors, meanwhile Samsung, which just yesterday in Germany has come onto the market iPhone 5 plans as "accused product" with in the process. Before a German court yesterday Samsung could get a partial success.

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