Samba 4 Release Candidate

The Samba developers to accelerate and have announced that the first release candidate of Samba is completed the 4th The long time in development, version 4 of the free Windows Server brings a compatible with Microsoft's Active Directory directory service. Furthermore, the developers advise on productive use, but we hope interested Samba users for the test clamp.

The innovations introduced by the RC1 introduced after eight beta versions are not very fundamental nature: the file server portion, which builds on the proven code of Samba-3 is now also the SMB3 dialect. Samba developers have already implemented but not all of the optional, negotiable features, such leases, an improved form of oplocks, a first implementation of durable handles give off.

Already in the last beta and Samba 4 has learned the printing. Nevertheless, the developers advise users who need a pure member server, continue to put on the Samba 3 or built from the same source tree to use smbd (Samba 4 the resulting binary is called samba). One reason for the warning lies in the fact that several details are still missing, such as the automatic replication of the sysvol share between domain controllers, which you have to do it manually for now via rsync job so as group policies are available everywhere.

The biggest innovations in RC1 is that it now defaults to the internal DNS server, the Kai Blin has implemented. Previously an external bind instance was the target. Kai Blin is nearing completion of the RC have provided some patches that enable also signed DNS updates. Otherwise, various details have shifted, which is about to provision (ie to be placed in a directory) script used now part of samba-tool, the central configuration tool by Samba. The Samba 4 howto is already updated.

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