Foxconn factory closed after unrest among workers

After violent unrest among its workers the world's largest electronics contract manufacturer Foxconn to close on Monday of his great works in China. Were in the factory in Taiyuan in Shanxi province on Sunday evening palpable conflicts erupted among workers, police reported.

In the conflict, more than 2,000 workers have been involved, was triggered by hitherto unconfirmed reports that security guards beat a worker. More than ten people were injured. Police forces had disengaged to bring the situation under control. Meanwhile, the order was restored. The cause of the dispute was being investigated, police said further.

Foxconn manufactures for large computer companies such as Apple, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Sony and others, the Group employed in the plant in Taiyuan, which is also part of the production chain for the new iPhone 5, 79,000 people. Foxconn has recently been repeatedly advised because of the working conditions in its factories under fire, especially the conditions of production of the iPhone have been put under the microscope. Recently it was said, in east China's Jiangsu Province, students would be forced to interrupt their studies and in a local Foxconn manufacturing plant to assemble the iPhone 5.

An initial report of the Fair Labor Association (FLA) in August but had found at least first major improvements in working conditions at Foxconn, at least in a business, the Group also had to raise wages because he had trouble finding enough workers.

In contrast to previous reports from China about clashes between security personnel and workers Foxconn itself speaks of it, the riots in Taiyuan had begun with a "personal dispute" between workers in a privately run hostel outside the factory. "Seems to have had nothing to do with the work" of this dispute, it said in a statement in Taipei.

A guardhouse was upset. In a bus windows were smashed. Cars were overturned, including a police car. Hundreds of police officers secured the roads around the plant. In a video cheering workers and security forces are seen.

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