Acer uses Google for competitive system under pressure

The U.S. company Google to one report, have put the Taiwanese manufacturer Acer Android smartphones because of a planned with a different operating system under pressure. Acer have therefore canceled the idea of ​​smartphones Cloud Mobile A800 with the operating system Aliyun, reports the Wall Street Journal. After presentation of Alibaba, the manufacturer of the popular operating system in China, Google has threatened to withdraw its Acer Android License. Acer a manager who declined to be named, had confirmed to the newspaper industry.

Although Android is a free operating system that anyone can use without manufacturer approval of Google, this is not for the additional apps like GMail, Maps, and especially access to Google's App Store Play. All this gives manufacturers only after validation by Google. Which would be open to any interested indeed free, but here Google has a means of pressuring the manufacturers. Threats of this type conform but rather a distortion of competition, like for example, was often accused of Microsoft and Intel. So had to pay Intel 1.06 billion euros in 2009 fine to the EU.

Alibaba is a major Chinese online retailer where Yahoo was involved until recently. Aliyun comes to smartphones, Haier and other Chinese manufacturers. It does not support locally installed apps, but only runs web apps - like the now set joojoo.

An Android device without the Google apps can be sold hardly except the manufacturers implemented their own solutions. Sun Fire Amazon's tablets come with its own app store. Particularly in China, there are quite a few tablets without Google Apps, which are to be installed to access alternative Chinese app stores. Also stores like Androitpit sometimes found preinstalled. All these stores carry but less than Google Apps. Buyer the slimmed devices can remedy thus, is to get the Google Apps from CustomROM circles, but retailers and manufacturers is not the way open.

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