Intel plans Clover Trail version for Linux

Intel plans to develop a version of the Windows 8 Tablets system-on-chip (SoC) Clover Trail, which will run Linux or Android. This is clear from a statement that Intel has made inter alia against ITworld and Zdnet. For more product details or the market segments to address the chip, called Intel, however.

By saying there would be no Linux support for the Clover Trail, Intel had caused quite a stir. Developed in collaboration with Microsoft offers special chip low power modes, which can put the Windows 8 Tablets for SoC especially in deep sleep states. However, there were already signs of a Clover Trail +, a variant of the Clover Trail, which should however be aligned according to an Intel presentation on smartphones. Whether the Clover Trail Intel now says + or planning a Clover Trail version for Android tablets, is therefore still unclear.

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