7 ways to promote a blog or website

What good is having a website if you do not have visitors?

Many times we come across this problem, I sometime also received visitors on my sites, and I know how it feels. It's a little sad, as one tries to create good articles and content for the blog, and do not get visits, comments, or profits.

Today we'll go over some ways to promote a blog, and thus increase visits, which is one of the main things that a blog should have.

7 methods to promote a website:

1. Add your site to social networks:

Social networking is one of the main sources of views on modern websites, therefore we must promote our networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to get more traffic. There are many methods, but among those most used we find the creation of fan pages, Twitter accounts, Google Plus, Linkedin, and even the purchase of advertising and Sponsored Tweets.

Social networks have a very simple operation, creating original and engaging content can cause great anger and get thousands of fans and followers. Taking popularity in social networking is very easy to drive traffic to a website, but the problem is getting to be popular.

2. SEO work done on your blog:

Website Optimization is one of the key factors for a website visitors. When you have good positions in search engines, you get good numbers of visitors discover the contents of the blog. The problem is that SEO is not for everyone, and requires a lot of work, but with patience and effort you can get a good SEO.

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3. Comment on other sites related to yours:

If you make comments on sites with similar themes to yours, you'll get good views interested in your blog. The commentary should include a link to our site, obviously, and thus may get visitors, depending on the popularity of the other site.

One must be careful when we leave our link in the comment. We must try not to spam, so if we can read it on the site, you can have the link, and how we can stop.

4. Buy advertising AdWord:

AdWord Google is an advertising system that allows us to place our site on Google Adsense ads, like the ones on this site. This type of advertising is quite effective, but is aimed mostly at sites where it provides a product and make a profit, otherwise it would not make sense to spend money to advertise our sites.

More Info: Help AdWorks

5. Share your content in forums:

If there is a forum of a similar theme to your site, it is a good opportunity to participate in it and go leaving the link from our site. As in section 3, it is important to take care not to violate any rules of the forum and not spamming.

6. Spread your content via email:

One of the methods that have been used in more recent times, is to send an email to our contacts with our blog address, and a description of it. It is a practice that is declining with the advent of social networks, but it can still be effective.

Avoid being too aggressive in sending the emails, and we are very insistent that if we damage our image and the image of the blog or website.

7. Add your blog to the best web directories:

The web directories can be a great way to promote our blog or website. There are thousands of different directories in which we can include our site for free, so it's just a matter of search and add our site.

Can you think of any way to promote a blog?

If you have some method of promoting your own blog, or you have any advice that you think that others may be helped, you're welcome to leave a comment and help us improve this article

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