Vietnamese government has taken action against blogger

The Vietnamese government wants to get rid of apparently three blogs critical of the government. As the Wall Street Journal reports, the Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung has ordered the arrest on Thursday, the operator of all three sites. Blogs are supposed to have the authorities repeatedly accused of corruption and human rights violations. In addition to the arrests, according to the government report also been considering a law that the use of real names on the net makes mandatory.

On Wednesday, the government had announced already stated designated blogs would publish misleading and fictitious reports and were part of a "malicious plan of hostile powers." All government employees were forbidden to visit the site. According to information from the Voice of America was one of the sides, the citizen journalism blog Danlambao, following the announcement of its policy statement on national television a record attendance vermelden.In a post on Thursday to the bloggers have stated that they can not make silenced by repression.

Currently, about a third of the 90 million Vietnamese people access the Internet. To prevent unwanted small criticism on Facebook and blogs, to the socialist party government of the country have resorted repeatedly to side closures and intimidation. In August, a suicide was known: The mother of a blogger had been set on fire - probably out of fear of government harassment that extended in this as in many other cases, the families of the unpleasant Onliner.

At least five journalists and 19 bloggers should be imprisoned information from Reporters Without Borders, in Vietnam. The organization leads the country because of his handling of free speech on the web in its report "Internet enemies" on. Also, the U.S. government said the country in its critical report last year on the situation of human rights.

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