Torque 3D game engine available as Open Source

As announced GarageGames Torque 3D has its development environment released in version 1.2 under the MIT license as open source in the GitHub repository. Developers can purchase the engine for free and have their programmed with Torque games pay any licensing fees. Users find the package a comprehensive toolset for the programming of 3D games. An overview of the key features of entry-level tutorial provides an example of a first person shooter.

The Torque Game Engine is more than ten years in development. First commercially they came in 2001 in the play "Tribes 2" is used. Torque 3D can be used for different genres on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. The games run on different platforms, even in the browser, as the example of Zworldo 2010 shows.

GarageGames provides franchisees which the first engine after Bought September 2012, a refund of the costs have to. In the future, the company intends to expand its service department, the Torque developers with support and training offering fee-based support.

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