New Pirate novel without DRM

The former political director of the Pirate Party, Marina Weis band wants to bring their planned book as an e-book without copy protection on the market, reported the news magazine "Der Spiegel" in its place tomorrow, Monday showing a number. Every buyer should have the right to be allowed to distribute it in the network indefinitely. In order to enforce at her publisher Klett-Cotta, renounced Weisband a part of their advance. "I am convinced that the book will sell anyway. For good content is paid," said Weisband the mirror. The plant is scheduled to appear in March. Weisband had in April because of work overload is no longer running for the office of the political director of the party and was replaced after just one year of John Ponader.

In contrast, the Berlin Pirate Julia Schramm had with her book "Click Me: Confessions of an Internet exhibitionist" excite the minds in their own ranks. Her publisher Random House had made lock free copies of the book available on the Internet. After the blocking of copies of the author in numerous remarks on Twitter were accused of credibility. Many pirates come to the idea of ​​"intellectual property" one that forms the basis for the current copyright law. Schramm himself had defended the actions of their publishing house's prints in an interview with the online magazine Telepolis. "" We warn users who are caught once. Specifically, this means that it is a first warning, which are not charged. But if it is someone daring enough and provokes the publisher, then publisher reserves the right steps. "

 To be denied on its own website, Marina Weis band however, exploited against their party colleague. Thus, it was extremely difficult to find a publisher who wanted to dispense with the e-book edition of copy protection mechanisms. Is "Neither my book nor Julia's book are free And the pirates demand not There should not be anything for free, but the author should be strengthened and the consumer: but the DRM-freedom not to be equated with a free offer.. be decriminalized, "she writes in her blog.

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