Poke on Facebook, send pictures or videos to self-destruct

The social networking giant has just launched a new mobile application, which aims to help users to share images, videos or messages for a moment, and quickly disappear without a trace. Poke is Facebook, which has application beyond that of "click" with one finger and draw the attention of our friends in the social network, to make a separate application for sharing a lot more than just a warning "Hi ".

For several months already existed Snapchat, allowing an application to send images and text with an expiration time, or what is the same, the image was available for viewing for a limited time only for the sending, which promised protect user privacy, especially useful for those who like to send their partners or acquaintances photographs (commonly known as "sexting").

Huawei will launch 5-inch FullHD smartphone at CES 2013

Huawei will launch its first smartphone FullHD, 5 inches during the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in 2013. Called Ascend D2, the device promises come with powerful hardware. The information was revealed by Vice President of OEM, Richard Yu.

It is unknown whether the company will bring the smartphone in Brazil, but the possibility is not remote, since the Chinese giant is turning its eyes to the domestic market, with launches cheap Androids and tops line - Huawei Ascend P1 like that come until March.

Besides the 5-inch FullHD screen, the Ascend D2 will come with a quad-core 1.5 GHz and 2GB of RAM. Rounding out the specs, the newest venture of Huawei have Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, 13-megapixel camera and 3000 mAh battery.

The Ascend smartphone D2 will be presented at CES 2013, to be held in January in Las Vegas. Due to its powerful hardware, Richard Yu showed concern about its possible price, which has not yet been defined.

'Xing-ling' Xiaomi M3 will have quad-core processor, Full HD screen and 2.5 GB of RAM

The Chinese company Xiaomi may launch soon a new smartphone superpotent with settings to envy in current phones. Under the name Xiaomi M3, the handset will come equipped with the new Cortex A-15 chip, with four cores, screen with Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels) and 2.5 GB of RAM.

Known brands such as Sony, Samsung, Motorola and LG, are still working in the first smartphones equipped with quad-core processors and high-definition screens. Few gadgets with such processing power market. In China, however, there are already companies that invest in high-FullHD streak.

According to the site Android Community, the M3 can count on Cortex A-15 processor with something between 1.8 GHz and 2.0 GHz, 2.5 GB RAM, 12-megapixel rear camera and 4G LTE connection. The screen resolution will be filling a display of 4.5 inches. This size can deliver a high pixel density, higher than the gadgets with high resolution market.
Apparently Android that will come factory in version 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean). The bad news is that none of the smartphones of the brand even crossed the Atlantic. In China, Xiaomi is equivalent to the best known brands in Brazil, such as ZTE and Huawei.

Race to 14-nanometer technology


To the production technology for transistors with 14 nm wide structures, a race has developed, at least in press releases concerns. It is not always clear at what stage of development are the respective companies and exactly when the first semiconductor devices with 14-nanometer structures actually occur in final products that can be purchased at retail. Also, the characteristics of the different manufacturing processes are hardly comparable.

At Intel, it was clear that after running this year 22-nm process technology, the 14-nm technology is applied; probably Broadwell processors come with 14-nm structures in 2014 the market.

Flipboard now available for Android tablets


Many users of Android tablets are annoyed about apps that are designed only to be partially much smaller smartphone displays. At least with the popular social news reader Flipboard which is now a thing of the past: With the recently released update to version 1.9.16, the app now supports a function of the display size different layouts.

While on small screens usually only an illustrated news tile or two to three text messages per page, found on devices with a diagonal of more than 7 inches now much more (with pictures) messages space.

In our tests with a Sony Tablet S Flipboard now has the same look a digital newspaper, like iPad users are accustomed from time immemorial. Flipboard is available free on Google's Play Store.

British prime minister insists on blocking porn for kids


The British Prime Minister David Cameron wants despite concerns within their own ranks not abandon its initiative, which will be set up on computers in households with children pre-pornography filters. It was "extremely horrible" that many offspring were exposed to the "darkest corners" of the Internet, the prime minister told the Daily Mail. In February 2013, the government plans to draw up details with the major access providers.

The Ministry of Education had previously published the results of a consultation on the matter. The vast majority of almost 3600 participants spoke out against accordingly prescribed filters that are automatically activated. The Ministry requires Internet providers, parents should encourage stronger, more user-independent methods that inappropriate content can be blocked, use them. All Internet-enabled devices should be equipped with similar capabilities, so that children "standard" with a secure online environment. Of preset filters that could be strongly activated by parents only at his own request, was no more talk.

According to Cameron, but the fact remains: In the future, everyone who picks up a newly purchased computer or operating changes the provider, asked during the setup process will be whether minors belong to the household. If the answer is yes, should the porn blocking access immediately. The user could then perform only fine tune it, or insist that the connector is fully unlocked.

The civil rights organization "Open Rights Group" noted that many questions remained unanswered. All filtering efforts are easy to get around, especially for smartphones could hardly a protection to ensure that the kids could not handle quickly. The provider BT welcomed the results of the government survey. The access provider had volunteered last year together with Sky, TalkTalk and Virgin Media to install a porn ban at the request of customers.

Expensive but ineffective - apps with the extra portion of energy

An employee of Kaspersky Labs reported on Wednesday "malware" in the Amazon App Store. The accused Apps push from the users, for example, a bot client on or steal sensitive data - provides an outline only, to do something that they can not.

One of the apps, the Kaspersky Lab expert Roel Schouwenberg identifying them as malware, offers users according to the description an "acceleration of the Internet connection." How Schouwenberg has found the app but nothing accelerates, it informs the user only that the Internet has been optimized. From the same vendor still comes another remarkable app, the "Shake Battery Charger". With this app should be able to replenish the battery of the mobile phone by shaking the phone again. In the forum, users Androidpit made ​​fun of in April, a similar app.

The apps give users not so the promised benefits, the burden of doubt on the wallet, free space - but are these apps therefore be regarded as malware? In other industries, is called something like advertising lie or false marketing claims - not even remain unpunished.

In the food trade, the European Union has recently taken action against advertising lies. Food manufacturers must therefore since 14 Dec. no health claims attach to packages that were not approved by the EU. The information must be in the future scientifically sound.

In Google Play store the above apps have been removed, for example, several months ago. And the iTunes App Store and the Amazon App Store to try in advance flashy apps not allow for their shops. Have a batch or by Shake iShake but all stores in the range, the Solar Charger run on smartphone displays but they may soon be off the rank.

First details on the future Nvidia Tegra 4

According to early leak, the next system on a chip NVIDIA adopts ARM Cortex A15 will have 6 times more graphics cores as the Tegra 3. It might make an appearance at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show.

2013 is near, and with it a new generation of mobile processors that push performance. Among these, the Nvidia Tegra 4 is probably one of the market's leading mobile SoC, as is the current Tegra 3.

Chip Hell site (via Engadget) put his hand on technical information about this chip is expected to debut in January at the Consumer Electronic Show.

Engraved in 28 nm, it adopts ARM Cortex A15. But above all, Tegra 4 embark 6 times more graphics cores as its predecessor, bringing the total to 72. What support a display of up to 2 560x1 600 pixels and play video in 1080p 120 Hz SoC is also compatible with USB 3.0 and DDR3L memory dual channel.

Remains to be seen what smartphone maker or tablet will be the premiere of Tegra 4, some rumors suggesting HTC.

Patent war: Samsung puts water in his wine against Apple in Europe


Significant change in tone from Samsung. In its global fight against Apple, the world number one has decided to put water in his wine. He announces in effect waive all claims Ban apple products in Europe.

This decision concerns the ongoing proceedings in Germany, UK, Italy, the Netherlands and France. However, "this decision does not affect the proceedings already underway in Europe" for patent infringement, said the manufacturer.

Struck by a kind of pragmatism flash, Samsung says that he prefers "to compete with other companies on the market, rather than the courts."

I must say that the context is a little different today. While Samsung has been heavily condemned this summer in the United States for patent infringement, but Apple has failed to prohibit its products on American soil.

At the same time, the South Korean widening the gap with his nemesis in the field of smartphones with a global share of 28% against 20%. In some countries such as France, the gap is even greater: 37% against 22%.

With its strategy to increase referrals and pincer grip, Samsung has finally got his goal behind the apple. Why then lose millions of dollars in endless procedures?

Twitter for BlackBerry updated to version 4.0


A few weeks before the official launch of Blackberry 10, Twitter has not forgotten the existing installed base with updating its native application. And the gesture is not trivial since Twitter 4.0 for BlackBerry brings Finally, two functions launched a year ago by the micro-blogging site. First there is the Connect function that brings @ mentions, favorites, subscribers and retweet. The second function is synthesized Discover trends, suggestions for profiles to follow, tweets subscribers.

Newest, Moi tab that profiles, tweets sent, lists and favorites. Functions so already for several weeks in iOS and Android, but to prove that Twitter does not forget Blackberry ...

The application is available on the BlackBerry App World.