Cisco buys BroadHop, its fourth acquisition in a month

The new acquisition will enable Cisco to offer its customers to deliver customized network connection and obtain greater profits with them.

Cisco has announced the purchase of BroadHop, a U.S. company based in Denver and provider of service management tools for operators and communications service providers.

Stresses that this will be the fourth major purchase of Cisco in just over a month, since November 15 was announced the acquisition of Cloupia, for $ 150 million. This company is a small startup with about 30 clients and fifty workers on staff, whose software helps improve the efficiency of data center infrastructures unified.

BroadHop is, for some time, as partner Cisco WiFi service provider and, with the acquisition of its assets, the company aims to improve the supply-demand network services via mobile broadband networks, fixed and wireless . BroadHop has technology that provides an opportunity for service providers to offer customized service packages to its customers with additional bandwidth as needed.

Hilton Romanski says on its official blog that this purchase is important because the overall IP traffic is expected to triple in the next three years, having increased eightfold in the past five years, making it necessary for companies such as Cisco, help its partners to monitor the policies in this regard and to create large-scale services for both the fixed and mobile communications.

The company's solutions are integrated into Denver Group Cisco Mobility dedicated to providing services to offer operators flexibility and control over its supply, and the ability to monetize and customize the types of services you choose. Romanski notes that this development will bring benefit to end users and customers will give them the opportunity to purchase customized packages with a higher bandwidth and better quality services, while the supplier can add value to their services and monetize it.

Cisco, Linksys could sell its division of routers and switchers, which by far is the most profitable unit of its business, has announced that its strategy of growth in the medium term will focus on software development. Cloupia addition, the last two major acquisitions of the company have been Cariden Technologies, in order to strengthen his bid for the convergence of IP and optical networks capable of managing growing traffic and Meraki, a company developing cloud infrastructure.

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