Poke on Facebook, send pictures or videos to self-destruct

The social networking giant has just launched a new mobile application, which aims to help users to share images, videos or messages for a moment, and quickly disappear without a trace. Poke is Facebook, which has application beyond that of "click" with one finger and draw the attention of our friends in the social network, to make a separate application for sharing a lot more than just a warning "Hi ".

For several months already existed Snapchat, allowing an application to send images and text with an expiration time, or what is the same, the image was available for viewing for a limited time only for the sending, which promised protect user privacy, especially useful for those who like to send their partners or acquaintances photographs (commonly known as "sexting").

Well Poke Facebook offers this same task with pictures, videos or text, and shared content will have a shelf life to choose from 1, 3, 5 or 10 seconds but also to see the image must hold a finger on the screen of the device that receives it, otherwise it will disappear, this with the intention of making it difficult to use other device to make a screenshot of receiving picture or video (as well as Snapchat, this app locks the traditional screenshots on the device). In addition, the "Pokes" can be sent to one or more people in our Facebook contacts and simultaneously.

According to Facebook, the new app is "a new mobile experience through which you can share photos, videos and texts quickly, simply and securely."

For now, Facebook Poke is only available for iPhone, but surely we will reach more devices to the iPad and other platforms. You can download it for free on App Store.

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