Mark Zuckerberg donates 18 million Facebook shares

18 million shares, which is the current market value of nearly 500 million U.S. dollars (379 million euros), donated much of the founders of the social network Facebook the Silicon Valley Foundation. This is a non-profit foundation that is committed to in order to promote charitable projects and community-based action. Zuckerberg had a good two years, 100 million U.S. dollars (75.85 million euros) donated to schools in Newark near New York. The 28-year-old is by far the largest Facebook shareholder with approximately 500 million share certificates. IPO in May, he sold a small portion of the shares only to pay taxes.

The Facebook shares currently trading at just under $ 28 and so while higher than the all-time low of less than $ 20, but still well below the starting price of $ 38 in May 2012. Even with this relatively low price, the shares currently worth 498.8 million U.S. dollars a huge boost for the Silicon Valley Foundation and the largest single donation in the United States for the year 2012. The foundation had throughout last year received $ 470 million in donations and manages around two billion dollars. They wanted to join forces in tackling projects in the areas of education and health, announced Zuckerberg.

On his Facebook page shows Zuckerberg to participate with his wife at the philanthropic campaign "The Giving Pledge" and donate a large part of its income. The campaign wants to move the wealthiest people in America to donate the bulk of your wealth in their lifetime or after their death, to charity. The campaign website can be seen that they preferred anvisiere billionaires, but only a moral obligation, not a binding treaty was. Besides Mark Zuckerberg can be on the list of signatories, see also the media mogul Ted Turner, Bill and Melinda Gates and the founder of Oracle, Larry Ellison.

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