First details on the future Nvidia Tegra 4

According to early leak, the next system on a chip NVIDIA adopts ARM Cortex A15 will have 6 times more graphics cores as the Tegra 3. It might make an appearance at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show.

2013 is near, and with it a new generation of mobile processors that push performance. Among these, the Nvidia Tegra 4 is probably one of the market's leading mobile SoC, as is the current Tegra 3.

Chip Hell site (via Engadget) put his hand on technical information about this chip is expected to debut in January at the Consumer Electronic Show.

Engraved in 28 nm, it adopts ARM Cortex A15. But above all, Tegra 4 embark 6 times more graphics cores as its predecessor, bringing the total to 72. What support a display of up to 2 560x1 600 pixels and play video in 1080p 120 Hz SoC is also compatible with USB 3.0 and DDR3L memory dual channel.

Remains to be seen what smartphone maker or tablet will be the premiere of Tegra 4, some rumors suggesting HTC.

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