Google Health is switched off

Google has invited the remaining users of its Google Health Health Service strongly to 31 December 2012 to copy all data from the health service. The year, all remaining data will be gone. Both Google and Microsoft offer U.S. citizens tools to copy the personal health record from Google Health to Microsoft HealthVault.

In June 2011, Google decided the end for Google Health. Launched in 2008, the supply could not meet Google's high expectations and remained with less than 10,000 users of magnitude below the set targets. The criticism from privacy advocates, a search engine aggregiere medical data, Google could not refute convincingly.

For the final of the offer described Google as a complete personal health record as a ZIP file is stored locally or directly Microsoft HealthVault can be passed. If the user login it into Google Health found no data in their medical records, they had completed a successful migration, Google explains the procedure.

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