Expensive but ineffective - apps with the extra portion of energy

An employee of Kaspersky Labs reported on Wednesday "malware" in the Amazon App Store. The accused Apps push from the users, for example, a bot client on or steal sensitive data - provides an outline only, to do something that they can not.

One of the apps, the Kaspersky Lab expert Roel Schouwenberg identifying them as malware, offers users according to the description an "acceleration of the Internet connection." How Schouwenberg has found the app but nothing accelerates, it informs the user only that the Internet has been optimized. From the same vendor still comes another remarkable app, the "Shake Battery Charger". With this app should be able to replenish the battery of the mobile phone by shaking the phone again. In the forum, users Androidpit made ​​fun of in April, a similar app.

The apps give users not so the promised benefits, the burden of doubt on the wallet, free space - but are these apps therefore be regarded as malware? In other industries, is called something like advertising lie or false marketing claims - not even remain unpunished.

In the food trade, the European Union has recently taken action against advertising lies. Food manufacturers must therefore since 14 Dec. no health claims attach to packages that were not approved by the EU. The information must be in the future scientifically sound.

In Google Play store the above apps have been removed, for example, several months ago. And the iTunes App Store and the Amazon App Store to try in advance flashy apps not allow for their shops. Have a batch or by Shake iShake but all stores in the range, the Solar Charger run on smartphone displays but they may soon be off the rank.

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