British prime minister insists on blocking porn for kids

The British Prime Minister David Cameron wants despite concerns within their own ranks not abandon its initiative, which will be set up on computers in households with children pre-pornography filters. It was "extremely horrible" that many offspring were exposed to the "darkest corners" of the Internet, the prime minister told the Daily Mail. In February 2013, the government plans to draw up details with the major access providers.

The Ministry of Education had previously published the results of a consultation on the matter. The vast majority of almost 3600 participants spoke out against accordingly prescribed filters that are automatically activated. The Ministry requires Internet providers, parents should encourage stronger, more user-independent methods that inappropriate content can be blocked, use them. All Internet-enabled devices should be equipped with similar capabilities, so that children "standard" with a secure online environment. Of preset filters that could be strongly activated by parents only at his own request, was no more talk.

According to Cameron, but the fact remains: In the future, everyone who picks up a newly purchased computer or operating changes the provider, asked during the setup process will be whether minors belong to the household. If the answer is yes, should the porn blocking access immediately. The user could then perform only fine tune it, or insist that the connector is fully unlocked.

The civil rights organization "Open Rights Group" noted that many questions remained unanswered. All filtering efforts are easy to get around, especially for smartphones could hardly a protection to ensure that the kids could not handle quickly. The provider BT welcomed the results of the government survey. The access provider had volunteered last year together with Sky, TalkTalk and Virgin Media to install a porn ban at the request of customers.

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