Kroes proposes an Airbus for the chip sector

Europe wants to have more presence in the chip industry, which wants to replicate the model of the Airbus project in microelectronics

It was Neelie Kroes, Commissioner for the European Digital Agenda, who on Tuesday said that if the EU wanted to be a global player in the production of chips, had no choice but to resort to the collaboration and cooperation. "Why not a Digital Airbus, Airbus or chips for the sector?" Was the question that launched the curator, a question that will probably go down in history. For Kroes is clear that teamwork across boundaries in a good start to succeed in the endeavor.

Airbus, a pan-European aerospace company is, since 2011, the largest manufacturer of aircraft and aerospace equipment in the world. Born as a subsidiary of the European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company and was created from domestic companies and defense aerospace company in Europe to compete with Boeing commercially.

The success of Airbus now has led the European Commission to initiate a strategy in order to increase the attractiveness of Europe for the electronics industry to invest in design and production.

Since the Commission ensure that the structure will not be the same as the Airbus, but the starting point, which was coordinated by the member countries of the Union. At the same time, it seems that when it comes to chips, things are a little more complicated for Europe, because the latest figures from the World Semiconductor Trade Statistics show that European manufacturers of Chips have declined in recent years.

STMicroelectronics is the only European company that occupies a place among the ten largest chipmakers worldwide, a market currently dominated by U.S. Intel.

In European policy framework can be uneven culpade the situation, said Kroes, who has asked the European industry is one to deal with the global problem of chip production in a competitive, collects EETimes.

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