Patent war: Samsung puts water in his wine against Apple in Europe

Significant change in tone from Samsung. In its global fight against Apple, the world number one has decided to put water in his wine. He announces in effect waive all claims Ban apple products in Europe.

This decision concerns the ongoing proceedings in Germany, UK, Italy, the Netherlands and France. However, "this decision does not affect the proceedings already underway in Europe" for patent infringement, said the manufacturer.

Struck by a kind of pragmatism flash, Samsung says that he prefers "to compete with other companies on the market, rather than the courts."

I must say that the context is a little different today. While Samsung has been heavily condemned this summer in the United States for patent infringement, but Apple has failed to prohibit its products on American soil.

At the same time, the South Korean widening the gap with his nemesis in the field of smartphones with a global share of 28% against 20%. In some countries such as France, the gap is even greater: 37% against 22%.

With its strategy to increase referrals and pincer grip, Samsung has finally got his goal behind the apple. Why then lose millions of dollars in endless procedures?

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