AMD launches Android app store for Windows PCs

The chip maker AMD has launched a website and an app store for apps and games to run on Windows machines with AMD hardware. On the AMD AppZone there is software that was developed for the Radeon graphics chips and APUs (Accelerated Processing Units) written by the manufacturer, or adjusted. AMD advertises thousands of Android apps that have been found to be partnering with the Android system virtualizer Bluestack inclusion in the AppZone. The bulk of the software, however, lies not in the store prior to download, and most programs are only indirectly related to links to their product pages.

With BlueStacks, it is possible to run Android apps to run on Windows and control touchpad, mouse and keyboard of the host computer. Also, the Android system to access the files on the Windows PC, including Windows applications been started running in the background. AMD has stated that the use of the chip manufacturer version of the BlueStacks player was adapted to the OpenGL hardware acceleration for AMD chips.

Also, users can synchronize their data AppZone of Android apps with BlueStacks' Cloud Connect, a cloud service that allows a Windows PC can be used to extend for an Android device, and vice versa. The apps can be directly related to the website or through the integrated App Store. Also, there are apparently some discussions with OEMs to pre-configure the AppZone player in AMD devices.

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