Named the most promising technologies in 2012

Compiled by Gartner schedule Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies demonstrates technologies that have found their niche and continued steady development, which appears excessive attention and which are at the very beginning of its inception. Among them: konsumerizatsiya, Internet TV, "big data", etc.

"Big Data", 3D-printing, Internet TV, NFC-payments, cloud computing and multimedia tablets are some of the technologies that are the beginning of 2011, the most significant progress along the curve Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies, which is regularly since 1995 . of research firm Gartner.
Schedule Hype Cycle, as explained in the Gartner, includes three standard development stage of any new technology: Overenthusiasm (sverhentuziazm), Disillusionment (getting rid of illusions) and Realism (realism). In the first stage around the technology creates a lot of noise, it appears exaggerated interest, the second phase of the old technology loses focus, the audience it cools, and the third stage starts the stable development of this new technology, the new market, which she opened.
According to the schedule, such as media tablets and konsumerizatsiya by now reached the stage of Realism - steady growth, and, for example, speech recognition technology and predictive analytics is already approaching the top of the part of the curve, which is characterized by stable growth.
At the same time, Internet TV, NFC, cloud computing and control with gestures lose excess attention - these technologies are under Disillusionment.
Among the new technologies, the extensive interest in which is in the phase of origin include: "big data", HTML5, wireless power transmission, "Internet of things", vehicles with automatic control technology issue responses in the usual human form, hybrid cloud computing and etc.

Among the new emerging technologies - which hardly appeared on the chart - in Gartner attributed: 3D-biopechat, quantum computing, three-dimensional holographic displays and devices to extend the functionality of the human body.
"Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies by Gartner is intended for technical professionals and helps them in the strategic assessment of emerging and new technologies. Graph shows the technologies that will have a broad impact on the business - explained Jackie Dryer (Jackie Fenn), Vice President and Fellow Gartner. - Gartner Hype Cycle features technologies that are under scrutiny - because of the extremely high level of interest in them or their capacity to have a significant impact on the industry, according to Gartner ".

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