Why the MacBook Air is the best laptop you can buy right now

When in January 2008, Apple introduced the first MacBook Air and Steve Jobs took it out of an envelope in the middle of the stage there were many who were left with their mouths open. That first iteration of the MacBook Air but it was only one set of cards on the table by Apple: "This is what we are and this is what we do."

For though interesting, the first models of MacBook Air had just not entirely convincing, in part because of the high price, in part because of the size and partly because SSD storage unit did not come by default. But in late 2010 when Apple giving renewed it look more consistent with the rest of the range of MacBooks and increasing the supply to a 13-inch model including default SSD storage, again what got Apple was a few years ahead their time and present a product that began to define how they would be the future of portable.

So much so that several manufacturers tried to get to draw their own approaches, the so-called Ultrabooks, and were one of the major trends of the past CES 2012 in Las Vegas with laptops like the Asus Zenbook or HP Envy Spectre.

In the past Apple WWDC back again updated the range Air equipping of new Ivy Bridge processors, USB 3.0, a much improved graphics performance and the new MagSafe 2 and so, by the way just described, Apple got the MacBook Air stands as the best laptop you can buy. It is not a random statement, after being tested during a time (and missing him since), now there are a few exceptions where the MacBook Pro is the option to choose before a Air. Let's see why.

There have been several occasions where I have personally heard this question over the past months have more worthwhile a MacBook Air or MacBook Pro (not Retina)? Especially with the 13-inch model of the Pro, the two models are blurred borders and if we are not very strict it seems that the only difference between the teams is the thickness.

It actually goes well beyond, it is true that the Pro has a dedicated graphics card, while the Air is integrated and provides a slightly lower performance. But after the improvements made to the latest MacBook Air when it comes to video editing, processing and even play some games I ended up finding that differences, except for a very specific segment, not worthwhile.

Besides that we have the SSD drive (optional on the MacBook Pro, a very interesting option to consider if the price rises enough) which increases the performance and the flow of the system but especially with a design much slimmer and lighter than leaves Pro when comfortably carry around in a bag or backpack (basically the ultimate meaning of a laptop: mobility) completely relegated to the background.

In what cases can be interesting then buy a MacBook Pro?

IMHO if you are professional audio or video and you need to squeeze the maximum performance of a laptop the MacBook Air may be you can be rather short. If not, for 90% of daily use that is going to give, in terms of navigation, editing in iPhoto or Aperture, Photoshop or some other video in iMovie, the MacBook Air will be left over for most cases, joining such an exceptional design and being much lighter.

Here the differences begin to narrow. If in the previous section we said that the main advantages of Air versus conventional Pro range of 2012 were the light and the use of SSD as a storage unit, in the case of Pro with Retina display these two because we go directly to the processing power offered by the MacBook Pro Retina is very, very thin and uses a SSD hard default higher capacity, 256GB.

The main problem however is the MacBook Pro price, from $ $ 2199 or € 2279 is not, of course, a computer that is accessible to all budgets. Not to mention that it is the first of its kind, bringing us back in some ways to the example with which we began, the first MacBook Air was ahead of his time and was a revolutionary step in the laptop but it took a couple updates to really we saw their potential, to me every time I start to be clearer that the MacBook Pro Retina happen exactly like starting with the price, which is likely to decrease in the next generation.

Again, if all you want is an extremely powerful machine, very light and with a screen that take your breath away, the MacBook Air simply can not overshadow him (and neither intended). Instead, it's in that thick of users who want to give a light commercial or domestic or laptop just like to study where the Air is a cheaper option, more affordable and above all much more versatile.

MacBook Air? 11 or 13 inches?
This is another delicate question, in my case would head to the model 13, although it should be noted that the 11-inch, precisely for that input price $ 999 € 1049 can be a very interesting option. The model 11 is extreme mobility with a much smaller screen, it is true, but use it for example with an external monitor while we are at home and with your own screen when we have to use it on the go can also be alternatives to consider.
On the other hand, the 13-inch MacBook Air is a slightly more conventional laptop with a screen two inches larger but where the difference is quite noticeable with the 11 and stays close to 15 which are usually the standard in the market for PCs leaving aside the horrific netbooks. It remains extremely lightweight (1.34 kg) and the default options in storage are more advanced than in the case of 11, with 128GB.

The choice between the two really relate to mobility that we want to give you, if you want a compact computer that we can carry anywhere, put it anywhere and it does not weigh that much, the 11 is our choice if we want something a bit bigger than 13, I confess it is my favorite, it would be the other alternative.

What is the future of the MacBook Air?
Personally, I was at WWDC with a great desire to see a MacBook Air with a 15-inch screen, partly because he was convinced it would happen so and partly because a third option would be to banish the current Pro and could be considered as a cheaper version and affordable, though less powerful than the MacBook Pro Retina, which could be considered as the king of Macs right now.

If in the future Apple will decide to take such a step and complement some of the weakest features of the range, the graphics (which should not be forgotten that has been improved by 60% over the previous model, the mid , 2011), could be facing a future blockbuster.

In conclusion, despite not having many models (five, at the time of this writing) the range of Mac is a more flexible there contrasted with the multitude of options and models from other manufacturers, find the Mac that fits our needs Exact is a matter of comparing and deciding, today and in my opinion, the MacBook Air in any of the two versions is that one takes the cake.

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