HP and Apple, imitation or inspiration?

If something works, why change it? This seems to be the mindset that they have within the computer giant Hewlett-Packard and after observing the work done with the last computer company (Spectre One), the objective is quite clear. Even its CEO, Meg Whitman, has confirmed to the Wall Street Journal that they plan a new range of PCs following the design of the Apple product line. How will he react the apple company?

 Copying or inspiration? The truth is that Apple has not patented the design of all its products, therefore, it is possible by other companies like HP inspired them to perform their new computers as the Spectre One Also, remember that with this desktop computer began marketing a version of HP's Magic Trackpad, Magic Mouse from Apple. According to Meg Whitman:

"The whole market is moving towards more beautiful ... and Apple has taught us that design really is one of the most important parts of all hardware. We believe we have made ​​great progress with our latest range of models and those who are yet to come out. We are working on best-built and cheaper. With a clean, minimalist look. "

With the launch of Windows 8 in a few weeks, on October 26, all users of Microsoft knew they had still a good computer to get the best user experience offered by the company of Bill Gates. But at what price? An imitation of Apple hardware on Microsoft software, a strange way to combine two very different worlds. We need new ideas and proposals in the sector, not to remain a mere copy of something good.

Although not the first time a company is inspired by the designs of the apple. Just take look back and see the dispute for months have led the Korean company Samsung and Apple, which recently was favorably resolved in favor of Cupertino. Despite its evolution, until Steve Jobs wanted Android plunge, considering it a blatant imitation of iOS:

"I will put up my last breath if necessary, and I will spend every penny of lis 40 billion dollars that Apple has in the bank to correct this situation. I'm going to destroy Android, because it's a stolen product. I am willing to start a nuclear war over this. "

We must judge ourselves, from our position of users. iPhone, Macbook Air, iPad, iMac ... have created a gap in the technology sector that has been exploited by many companies: Samsung, Asus, Acer, Nokia, HTC, Sony and now HP. Therefore not punishable, but pretty reprehensible. Surely many users will be attracted by elegant design at a price much more affordable than Apple products, but its true essence. Where is the inspiration for this company managed to lead the computer industry for 20 years? HP had never needed to go to these techniques.

Anyway, we are sure that Apple will not take this move lightly and not in a while we may have to cover the news of a new demand for the apple company to one of its competitors.

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