Microsoft warns Google

In a campaign to protect the privacy of Microsoft warns against the search engine service from Google. Microsoft plays on the record fine of 22.5 million U.S. dollars, the U.S. Trade Börde Federal Trade Commission (FTC) had imposed on Google because the company Safari users had put cookies. Microsoft brings to the website / privacy-protection the impression Google had broken a promise, and encourages you to not Google, but Bing as the search service to use.

The current display is likely to be understood as a continuation of Bingiton campaign in the beginning of the month Microsoft users had requested, the results of both machines compare with any search terms directly with each other. Covering that website is not readily achievable from Germany because the country and mucking speech recognition by Bing. Those who still want to catch a glimpse of it is, ironically, in the Google Web cache find. Even the accompanying video is also available.

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