Microsoft revamped its App Store for Windows Phone

Software giant Microsoft wants its online shop for Window Phone apps work on a new, to be lehntes tiles design, new features and a new name: From the Marketplace is now the Windows Phone Store. Thus, should also make the download shop entirely under the sign of Windows 8.

Among the new features of the shop, according to Microsoft include an improved search app, which will be based on technology from Microsoft's Bing search engine. Typos on search entries will be automatically corrected that even misspelled words to the right applications run. Also in the search results will now be displayed apps with similar functions or under the same heading. In addition, the categories, sort the apps by popularity or novelty, revised again, but what is currently available only in the web version of the store, and only until the end of the year in the mobile version. Microsoft also promises a news area, which aims to provide an overview of what journalists and bloggers write about the Windows Phones and its ecosystem.

Apps with sexual content should be placed in the new shop rather decent, so Microsoft apparently wants to answer a frequently expressed customer. In addition, there should also be a way to Apps when they prepare for example, technical problems or to be perceived as offensive.

The changes in the online shop to be introduced gradually, region by region, in which, according to Microsoft Australia and New Zealand make a start. The German online store has apparently also been changed, which is currently still no news section can be found.

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