Nvidia will release documentation to Tegra graphics core

The next version of the TRM (Technical Reference Manual) for Nvidia's Tegra should be freely available and contain information such as drive, the 2D engine in the system-on-chip (SOC) makes, this programming information applies obviously for a new Tegra-generation, but should also match the currently available generation Tegra 2 and 3. This is evident from a report focused on the Linux hardware site Phoronix, relying on an interview with Nvidia employee Andy Ritger, who had received this information from his colleagues.

The conversation took place on this week, held in Nuremberg X.Org Developer Conference 2012, on a programmer of the open source, developed by reverse engineering Linux driver Nouveau expressed in a lecture hopes, Nvidia could also documentation required to access the 3D Units of Tegra publish. Ritger have it "officially" heard nothing; Ritger should also have not said anything to documentation for the built-in PC graphics cores, the GeForce and Quadro series, as Phoronix writes.

This seems a release programming information for the graphics core which is equipped with ARM core Tergra SOCs to get closer, to which there was previously Notes. It is uncertain whether this step has a greater impact on Nvidia's information policy to PC graphics chips, which the company engaged for a long time almost no details out - this was an aspect that has led to Wutrede of Linus Torvalds, this in on camera "Nvidia, fuck you!" has said. For other components, however, is much more open and Nvidia has long been active in the open source development because Nvidia employees serve customers not only in the Linux kernel contains code to support Tegra SOCs, but also participate in the development of improvements ARM code on the Linux kernel, which also benefit other companies. As Nvidia has produced motherboard chipsets for PCs and notebooks, the company also recently worked with the development of the Linux kernel contains drivers for the chipset contained network, audio, or ATA controller. Only the information in making chipsets graphics cores, there was at best scant information, for example via a simple open source drivers, but its further development, the company has set the 2010th.

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