The new connector adapters for the iPhone 5 Lightning first impression and review

Following the presentation of the iPhone 5, one of the rumors is confirmed the new connector, called Lightning, which replaces the 30-pin dock around since 2003.

First, the typical cable-USB dock is replaced by the new Lightning-USB connector, maintaining the previous price. With it we can connect the iPhone 5 to Mac or PC to charge and / or sync. One possibility almost forced to keep our accessories if we buy the iPhone 5. It starts sending right now, in about three days estimated.

If we want to use our USB cable with 30-pin connectors on the new iPhone 5, we will need an adapter to plug Lightning. Despite having to pay for the adapter, can resultarnos cheap if need several cables. In any case, is sent from October, so we may be a few weeks without being able to reconcile certain accessories. 

Finally, Apple offers a spliced ​​cable with which our USB cable - 30-pin dock with the Lightning. One way to save two wires carry over for those who have other previous iOS device. Eight inches long, also start sending from October.

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