Free video editor Avidemux reaches version 2.6

The Avidemux developers have released version 2.6 of the free video editor for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows. The code of Avidemux 2.6 has been rewritten in large parts, the developers are confident that the new version "better in most cases, in some situations, but also works worse" than its predecessor. Avidemux 2.5 and 2.6 can be installed in parallel, the developers recommend.

Among the new features OpenGL filters include Linux and Mac OS X, Windows users should disable OpenGL when the program crashes after loading videos. Avidemux 2.6 can deal with variable frame rates and multiple audio tracks and supports video de-and encoding on NVIDIA graphics cards on the VDPAU interface.

Avidemux 2.6 is licensed under the GPL. The program is available as source code and binary as translated in various formats and for various operating systems available for download.

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