EU Parliament wants more attractive online offers from TV and movies

The European Parliament adopted by a large majority suggestions for promoting the online distribution of audiovisual works such as TV or movies. The deputies were responding to a draft report of the French conservatives Jean-Marie Cavada on the Green Paper (PDF File). The EU Commission on the opportunities and challenges for the digital single market in this area MEPs therefore consider it necessary above all, "the legal tender in terms of quality and quantity to make it more attractive and up to date." In addition, the online availability of cinematic works is to improve both in its original version with subtitles and in all official EU languages.

The desired development of a "rich and diversified legal supply of audiovisual content" is especially to reach through "flexible recovery window," notes the Parliament. The present system of delayed publication of content should not "be used as a means of blocking the online exploitation to the detriment of small producers and traders." On the other hand, are rights holders but more free to decide "at what time they want to offer their products on different platforms."

The resolution emphasizes that the suppliers had to provide for the distribution of audiovisual works on digital platforms "for flexibility and interoperability," in order to expand the legitimate online services, "according to the market demand." The cross-border access to content from other Member States is to promote, at the same time ensuring compliance with copyright. For legitimate sites should alternative and innovative micro-payment systems are developed to facilitate the use for the consumer. By way of example, the report cites a statement by SMS or app. Ideally, "direct payments to owners" be included

MEPs stress the importance of net neutrality, "to ensure equal access to high-speed networks." The backup of the open Internet is the quality of legitimate audiovisual online services vital. You see, the Commission has a duty to work to ensure that Europe's digital businesses pick geographical restrictions like blocking IP addresses throughout the Union, and allow consumers to purchase digital services from outside their home Member State.

The Brussels government institution shall also submit a legislative proposal for the collective management of copyright, which aims to improve the accountability, transparency and good governance of collecting societies, and effective dispute resolution mechanisms. The licensing system should also be designed in the music sector clearer and simpler. The command also recalls the need to "equitable remuneration of right holders for the online distribution of audiovisual content to ensure". She therefore calls on the Member States to "buy-out contracts that are contrary to this principle to ban".

Parallel urge the parliamentarians to a tougher crackdown on illegal downloads and streaming platforms. Need is for resources that could prevent use of payment systems and the financing of such services through advertising. The MPs also express "a smarter online copyright enforcement" into play. It must respect fundamental rights, in particular the information and freedom of expression, protection of personal data and the right to privacy, to be fully observed. Conceivable other European and national public awareness campaigns, "aims to raise awareness of the importance of intellectual property rights and to learn about the available legal online distribution channels for audiovisual works" are. Crowdfunding is seen as a possible new financing in the short term but could probably not a replacement for traditional methods.

For urgently needed to keep the politicians in a discussion about the problem of the different VAT rates in the Member States and the resulting "concerted" action. The application of a reduced VAT rate for the digital distribution of cultural goods and services should be considered in order to eliminate the unequal treatment of online and offline services. On the outside of the internet and selling cultural works the same tax rate would be applied.

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