Berry Pi Kindle: Kindle display for Raspberry

Because there was no other display for his Raspberry Pi was available, the developer Geoffrey Tremblay has transformed his Kindle 3rd These, however, he Sample "from behind shoot through the chest into the eye." First he gives to the e-book reader with freely available jailbreak software root access via USB and install a terminal emulator - the Kindle operating system based on Linux.

In addition, he installed the software on the Kindle usbnetwork to set up a virtual network interface for USB. Via the USB connection, he could log on the Raspberry Pi. For he used the log displayed on the console and the keyboard of the Kindle reader. And could be valuable in principle on already working on the Raspberry.

Because the Kindle keyboard for longer tip work is insufficient, Trembley joined the Raspberry on an external keyboard. To the inputs on the Raspberry keyboard redirect the console of the Kindle screen Trembley used the GNU tool. This allows multiple users from multiple computers access to a console and type just the fact.

Trembley has described the configuration steps in his blog and also makes suggestions for automation. The combination of Raspberry and Blackberry Kindle Kindle he calls Pi Trembley wants claims to have spent some time with it productively.

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