Apple introduced the iPhone 5

Phil Schiller has taken the stage at the Yerba Buena Center of San Francisco to unveil the new iPhone 5, confirming that name especially rumors that he was wearing the same nomenclature to the new iPad. It has the same design as we have seen in all the leaks with an elongated screen and aluminum unibody construction. It has 7.6 mm thick, 18% less in thickness and 20% lighter with 12 grams. The screen is 4 inches 1136x640 and 326 pixels per inch density.

New Screen
The new ratio is 16:9 screen and thanks to it we get to introduce another line of applications on high, with five instead of four with which we have now and all official Apple applications such as suite iWork with Pages, Keynote and Numbers has been redesigned to make it look better. Along with this screen is also improved in color quality with 44% more color saturation and the touchpad is integrated with the display so that there is not much "glass" that separates our fingers, but we played directly giving a greater sense of fluidity and we are really playing and interacting with the content.

Processor and Connectivity
Along with that device connectivity has been greatly improved and the new LTE iPhone has integrated on the same chip as the one used for the 3G so that trade between the two modes is almost instantaneous to avoid prejudicing the speed. To take care of all that screen the new iPhone 5 also incorporates a new A6 processor that Apple says makes the performance and twice the CPU speed and twice the graphics performance for the GPU. During the presentation, Schiller has shown a comparative table with various actions like opening an attachment or upload a file and the whole overall performance is twice as fast.

The battery is another aspect that has improved over the iPhone 4S, also taking advantage of the extra space provided by the new screen. There is a huge improvement but if it is an evolution and change for the better with what we already had in the iPhone 4S.

The camera has 8 megapixels, 3264x2448 pixels resolution, backlit sensor, an infrared one camar hybrid filter with 5 lenses that also has the same aperture of f / 2.4 iPhone 4S but enhanced with new dynamic mode for situations without much Light. The new A6 processor is another aspect that complements the camera and not only improves the image capture in low-light situations we talked about, but taking photos even faster and reduce image noise.

Apart from the hardware itself, the software has also improved dramatically with some new features like being able to take photos while recording video and taking panoramic photos from within the application by simply sliding the phone to capture the entire image with a sweep. It has also substantially improved video capture at 1080 and the front camera, one of the great unfinished also updated with video at 720p, backlit sensor and the ability to make video calls via 3G, a function that gets through 6 and iOS therefore also be available to the other devices.

Along with this, the call audio has also been substantially improved with new technology and taking advantage of the three microphones that now includes the iPhone 5. One at the bottom, one on the back (right between the camera lens and flash) and one in the front that help a lot to improve the quality of sound and well get a much clearer audio in calls.

A new connector
The connector, as well as all the rumors pointing is brand new, eight-pin, much smaller, discrete and reversible, whatever we can plug connector orientation. Also have improved durability as some aspects thereof and the transfer speed. For those who have previous cable connector to the new, current, also sell a special adapter that allows using them.

Colors, price and availability
In terms of colors, the new iPhone will be available in black and white classics. The headphone input has been moved to the bottom. The iPhone 5 will retain the same prices as the iPhone 4S, will be available on September 19 in the U.S., Canada, UK, France and others and, more importantly, on day 21 a week in Spain and Mexico

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