Certification of USB 3.0 hubs can still waiting for

In advance of currently being held in San Francisco IDF (Intel Developer Forum) Renesas had announced its four-port USB 3.0 Hub Controller μPD720210, want him but not for now deliver in numbers to customers: As company representatives anmerkten in conversation, it is just not good at, if you were to sell it as a member of the USB-IF standards body, a chip that has no official blessing of the board. Renesas but reckon with the fact that the certification program would start in the fourth quarter and then we also sell the chips could begin to manufacturers of hubs.

Competitor Genesys Logic, which also has a not yet commercially Hub Controller GL3520 named in the program, the whole thing looks more skeptical: The fourth quarter was indeed currently the official line, but that was before it was already the second quarter of this year. The fact is that the USB-IF has to date still determines on any test suite for USB 3.0 hubs - and the lack of this requirement profile there is also just no certificate examinations, could be the one. The devil would be in the details of power and link management, which is a complex task with four downstream and one upstream port, especially since so internally in the controller also had to mediate between USB 3.0 and USB 2.0/1.1.

All currently sold USB 3.0 hubs, for example, where in early 2010 VIA VL810 imagined or his siblings VL811/VL812 work have, logically, no certificate. They function as intended in principle, but there is just no guarantee that the stroke really with all USB devices working together, these controls at the maximum possible bandwidth or even withstands standby phase of the PC to the host controller.

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