Road enthusiasts: Toyota shows seater with electric doors

Toyota introduces its concept car 'Smart INSECT "before. The city is a single-seat electric car with gullwing doors, with which the company wants to present its progress, especially in the field of telematic networks. It is fittingly presented at CEATEC: The exhibition in the Japanese city of Chiba, near Tokyo, alongside the Berlin IFA and CES in Las Vegas to the major international electronics shows.

"INSECT" is an acronym of "Smart Information Network Social Electric City Transporter". The world's largest car manufacturer explains: "The name of trying to convey the image of a tiny insect that flies around with great wings, as this vehicle moves freely through an information network, and it uses it." To meet this claim, Toyota is different technologies.

So shall identify sensors on the doors and the front bumper using facial and voice recognition authorized driver and open the doors to him. INSECT smart is also able to respond to the driver or execute its gestures voice commands. The driver has the Smart INSECT on its own tablet PC access to driving-relevant information, and custom settings - "help" - how could it be otherwise in a running computer. Simultaneously, the computer acts as its own navigation system, the smartphone can be used as a music player.

Really new to us, this appears: Smart INSECT learn from the habits and preferences of the owner and is then able to recommend on its own, for example, an alternative route for getting to work when accumulates on the usual route of transport. The car also sends a message to the driver on his phone if he has forgotten a low battery, connect the charging cable. The concept car also uses the "Toyota Smart Center". This cloud computing network that may involve, among other things, the current storage of electric vehicles in the household electrics should, through networking to help manage the energy consumption of electric cars smart. In traffic, it could, for example, optimize the amount of electrical operation of plug-in hybrid vehicles.

Toyota believes that such systems as part of further spread of electric and hybrid vehicles will increasingly rely on telematics services to ensure optimal energy management. The networking of several smart insects in this way we may then so confidently be described as electric insect swarm intelligence.

Edmunds Inside Line, one of the major U.S. portals about car commented this way: "polarize This approach needs to either one will see it as a helpful resource or related to HAL, the computer with artificial intelligence, the fiction the spaceship Discovery One in Science. 2001 Space Odyssey "controls.

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