CEATEC in Japan: 8K TV from Panasonic and new Android apps

After the presentation at this year's IFA Panasonic showed now in Japan have a 8K-screen, 16-note full-HD resolution. Since there is no 8K movies or TV shows, the giant displays are currently used primarily for presentations. Sony and Sharp at the CEATEC show in the Japanese city of Chiba 4K TVs, which were also seen to have on the IFA consumer electronics fair in Berlin. These offer four times the resolution of the previously normal full HD standard.

Many of the exhibited at CEATEC developments and innovations revolve around Android smartphones. This is how the Japanese mobile phone giant NTT DoCoMo two translation solutions to transfer the written text or spoken language in near real time in a different language.

The telecommunications company KDDI demonstrated how to use a smartphone with the lines of a hand to authenticate. Hand lines such as the so-called life line are formed in humans before birth and apply, like a fingerprint, as unique. In contrast to the scanning of a finger requires the KDDI App no additional hardware, but recognizes the finger lines through the built-in camera in the smartphone anyway. The demo app by KDDI, with which you can unlock the Android smartphone will, soon to appear in the Channel Store from Google.

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