Hackers put back lame Swedish banking and government servers

Hackers have apparently made ​​true their threat concerted DDoS attacks against Swedish authorities and banks. On Friday afternoon, including the Internet sites of Sweden's central bank, the Reichstag, the police intelligence service Säpo, prosecutors and other authorities were temporarily paralyzed.

In a Youtube clip on behalf of the hacker movement Anonymous on Wednesday a large-scale action was announced. The reason, amongst others, the crackdown on the webhost Periquito was given by the Swedish police conducted earlier this week. PRQ server provides, among other services are available for Torrent and was probably to 2010, also the host of the whistleblower platform WikiLeaks. This police action is a "crime against freedom of information" was, it is executed in the clip, so now out of protest government websites and government-related organizations would be paralyzed. The votes that a report of aftonbladet.se collected from the institutions affected by the DDoS point, but points out that one would expect after the stresses of hard Anonymous threats to wider problems.

By the beginning of the week, hackers have repeatedly by massive DDoS attacks server in Sweden may block temporarily. Most of those affected, such as the Secret Service Säpo confirmed the attack as the cause of the disturbances. The police suspected at this stage a protest against the action called for by the Swedish government extradition of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.

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