BlackBerry PlayBook gets updated to v2.1 OS

With the PlayBook OS 2.0 was the self-sufficient and could even access without BlackBerry smartphone calendar, contacts and mail. Now RIM pushes again after a small update to version 2.10.1032 before the playbooks next year to upgrade to BlackBerry 10th

With version 2.1, calendar, contacts and e-mails also run in an upright yet there was only one display in landscape mode. At the same time there is an update for the BlackBerry Bridge on the BlackBerry smartphone. So that SMS messages can now be edited directly on the PlayBook. Smartphone and tablet are posted in the same Wi-Fi network, the Bridge now works either via Wi-Fi rather than only via Bluetooth.

The Android player also receives an important update. So far only run Android applications in a single window, so can not switch to the PlayBook gestures. After updating each app runs in its own window. The API has been extended to allow Android apps now have access to the camera. Software vendors have the opportunity to provide additional services within the apps on BlackBerry App World, which was previously limited to native applications.

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