Motorola takes an ITC complaint against Apple back

In August 2012, the Google subsidiary Motorola launched before the International Trade Commission (ITC) of the United States to attempt to impose an import ban on virtually all Apple devices because they allegedly infringe seven Motorola patents. Now the mobile phone giant has withdrawn its lawsuit without notice.

However, this retreat is "without prejudice" - that is subject to the lawsuit filed again later. What's behind the decision is unclear. In his statement, Motorola notes that there is no agreement with respect to the patents at issue with Apple.

The German patent observer Florian Mueller speculates in his blog about the reasons that have led Motorola to retreat. First, it is the decision had anything to do with the competent judge, who was deemed very picky, it says. Motorola has in the past had difficulty time to teach certified documents, and can decrease the chances of the company at this judge.

Second, it is also conceivable to Müller that there were negotiations between Apple and Google over patent licensing and Google have a signal of good will want to send. Finally, an older Motorola complaint with the ITC are pending. If it had been put together with the present, the decision could have possibly delayed until 2014. This process began in October 2010, it was originally for six Motorola patents. Currently only is the possible violation of one of them for debate.

The object of the ITC is to protect U.S. businesses from unfair practices by foreign companies. These include in particular patent infringements. The Authority can impose import bans on devices. That happened in about May 2012 for some Motorola devices.

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