HTC's Android flagship revised: One X +

Just two weeks after the presentation of the two Windows smartphones HTC 8S and 8X shows the next innovation: the One X +. Compared to only about half a year old predecessor One X is the new Android flagship with few but interesting innovations.

Under the hood still works a four-core processor from Nvidia, but now with the Tegra 3 + increased from 1.5 to 1.7 GHz clock speed and faster memory access - the more memory is 1 GB in size. This should unlock the One X + in many benchmarks for the Samsung Galaxy S3, the fastest Android smartphone. The flash memory is now depending on the model 32 or 64 GB (was 16 or 32 GB). An SD slot is unfortunately missing continue. The battery now has a capacity of 2100 instead of 1800 mAh, without increasing the total weight (135 grams) noticeably. During the 8-MP main camera remained intact, the front camera now has a low-noise 1.6-MP chip.

New features include soft-touch coating of the case and the use of thinner Gorilla Glass second Visually everything remains the same: same size, same unibody plastic housing. Even for Germany no other color options are planned as black. The display still shows 1280 × 720 points to 4.7 inches (316 dpi).

Even if did not at first glance at the software done a lot under the hood is now a current Android 4.1.1 and an updated version of HTC's Sense user interface is used. In addition, from the end of October, the Sony's own PlayStation App on the Google Channel Store are available - the One X + is first derived not from Sony PlayStation certified smartphone, and allows you to play older PSOne titles. In the 64-gigabyte version is the One X + still be available this month for 650 euros, even if the 32-gigabyte version is coming to Germany is unclear.

Rants were waiting for the owner of Jelly Bean Another One models hear: Android 4.1.1, together with the new Sense is to be offered in the coming weeks for the One X, about a month later for the One S.

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